Somersault Justice!

…and dead end irony…

Pilih yang paling sedikit mudharatnya…

dipilih dipilih...

dipilih dipilih…

Kalimat ‘paling sedikit mudharatnya’ adalah salah satu tag line yang diusung salah satu partai dalam Pilpres kemarin. Yeah, that’s right. You know which.

Kalimat ini benar, ngga salah. Atau ada yang menyebut ‘better than two evil’, itu juga ndak salah. Apapun pertimbangan Anda, itu adalah hak demokrasi Anda. Walaupun demikian, secara pribadi, saya akan menghindari kalimat seperti itu, at least kali ini. Bukan kenapa-kenapa, tapi rakyat deserves new hope. Jangan dong, belum apa-apa udah dimudharat-mudharatin. Itu satu.

Yang kedua.. Nah ya.. Rupanya oleh partai tertentu, tagline ini dipakai untuk kurang lebih menyatakan kalau.. Capres yang diusung dari partai ini, paling sedikit mudharatnya. Berbeda kalau diusung dari partai sendiri, ngga mungkin mereka ajak “pilih yang paling sedikit mudharatnya” karena bos partai sendiri, saking gantengnya, mungkin hampir ngga ada mudharatnya. Bikin puisi memuja Osama bin Laden juga mungkin bukan mudharat. Mungkin..  Mungkin kalimat ini semacam pertahanan terakhir untuk mempertahankan pride partai karena gacoannya ga lolos jadi capres.. Mungkin.. 

Nah, pake tagline gitu juga sah-sah saja kali ya.. Sayangnya.. Pas pilpres kemarin, tagline itu dilupakan.. Dan capresnya dipuji-puji sampe terkentut-kentut… Dan riwayat sejarah sedikit demi sedikit mulai digerus, demi boosting citra presiden.. Emang bener sih history is written by the victor. Tapi kalo belum victor historynya dikit-dikit udah dikikis, mau gimana kalo udah jadi Presiden?

Lepas dari semua itu, saya yakin Prabowo juga ngga terlalu sreg dengan tag semacam itu.. Tapi dibiarkan saja lha wong pendukungnya tereak kenceng bener di Internet.. Tapi bagaimana dengan tahun-tahun selanjutnya? Koalisine piye? 

Cleaning Duplication with Excel 2010

I was merging old annual activity reports provided to the government office into one sheet. It should had been easier if those projects are annual projects too,but they’re not. It was a massive list with amendments, time extension, early termination, project renaming. I have to be careful picking the most updated and delete the obselete.

Normally I would just put auto filter and sort by title. But really, I can’t just rely on my tired eyes because I would miss too many duplications.

How to make excel tell you if there’s a duplication?

Try conditional formatting trick.

1) Prepare your data. (This is not the list I was working btw, it’s a movie list I took from somewhere…)




3. Tada!


If you highlight the whole columns, excel will keep alert you if you add another duplication below.

However it should be noted that, it works only for texts with exact spelling. To avoid further duplication, you would still need to apply sort by title / and or other detail as secondary weapon..

Good luck.

Apparently Microsoft also has a page describing this trick step by step,  


Low speed sync speedlight on daylight…

Usually my friends keep asking why am I so awesome, but one day a friend asked my why I always put my speedlight on camera, despite it was broad daylight and my flashlight cannot do high speed sync.

We learned that high-speed sync speedlight will allow you to catch the light, even when light intensity is abundant. Unfortunately my speedlight is not that great. I love it and it’s very helpful when I’m shooting indoor. I cannot afford fancier one, but I keep trying to exploit to compensate the gap.

How to make it work with high shutter speed?

Simply raise the light intensity to max or almost max, depending on how far the model is standing at. Bend the flash head pointing directly to the model.

How does it work? Well, increasing the intensity means prolonging the flash duration. Absolutely we are not preserving battery and waste too much power compared to amount that can be captured by camera. Overusing it can fry your speedlight as well, so… don’t do machine gun snapping.


Basics: During daylight, object may be darker than the background. If we set the metering value at skin exposure, the background may be whited out, OE. On picture above, exposure is adjusted to capture the background well, leaving the model slightly underexposed. This is where the flash compensated the light.

This case: As I explained a bit before, generic flash (mine) will work only at 1/125 speed, that’s why some camera models lock speedlight use shutter speed set to higher than 1/125. You need to unlock it first! Pointing speedlight head at the same direction with lens is usually avoided, but in this case, don’t worry too much because the sunlight will dominate the illumination anyway. You still need to adjust the intensity of speedlight depending on the distance, though.

Kit used: Sigme 105mm (borrowed it), Nissin speedlight


(note: this time I really had to drag my butt to start learning writing in English. It’s not that I think my English is great, it’s totally the opposite.)

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