Somersault Justice!

…and dead end irony…

Killer Tune

“Luxury is an ally” you say, given in to desire and wanting even more[1]
I won, you say – the severity of this quake is unwavering
Poverty is definitely the enemy

In being luxurious, you absolutely can’t be satisfied simply with your wallet
So what’s beautiful is what’s not common
Watch out for traps like that

Have a look – see, we met on purpose
Let’s live as if seasons are disposable
I can’t steal neither night nor fall
You are my whole life

In being luxurious, you absolutely must be jealous
Don’t glare at what’s slightly fragrant
If you don’t want it

“Today is the only time” If you’re driven by wastefulness, then that’s meaningless
What is truly beautiful cannot be measured
Because it keeps overflowing

Have a look – we met here in this inaccessible place
Thank you for finding that out for me
I can’t deceive neither the sky nor love
I am your whole life

Pengen denger.
Lupa bawa converter. Bawa headphone padahal. Sampe rumah juga nanti ga ada komputer.. 😦

S.R. daisuki 😦


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