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VGA card drives BIOS mad

((Posting view problems I experienced with solution. 
Again in simple english for broader reader. Cannot write in good english so please bear with me (beruang bersamaku) ))


How it was begun

  • I bought Gigabyte GT640 oc last year to replace my 2-year-old graphic card (also NVidia). My motherboard is also a Gigabyte product so I assumed it could it would be easier for me (what kind of assumption is this). 


  • As I wrote before in previous post, one of my  harddrives is in Advanced Format. After fixing the alignment good, I employed it as primary boot OS harddrive (XP SP3).


GA-P61A-D3 (rev. 2.0)
I chose this mobo carefully. It has six SATA plug, and I was running 5 HDD that time. PCI slots are all free to use because PCI-e is way higher. However fewer PCIe is not usable, I actually wanted to use it for newer Audigy product.


What happenned with VGA card.

  • Happened as soon as I replaced the graphic card. It took 5 times longer to start the Windows. Each beep will followed by another after almost a minute. BIOS worked really hard to recognize plugged stuff.

  • Some hardwares were not detected. Anything plugged to PCI slot not recognized. My DVD Rom was detected, but I couldn’t use it. Few USB slots became useless. Card reader also not detected.

  • I couldn’t enter BIOS

  • Couldn’t boot from optic drive

  • I mistakenly tought it was caused by insufficient PSU supply. Mine is not 450, it is 600 (also Gigabyte). I was looking to another box, my old corsair PSU is 450W. I plug a lot of stuff to the rig, i was not confident with that. There were 5 hdd plugged before. And plus my VGA is overclocked.     

What happenned with Harddrive

  • Couple times I had to force turn off the system without shutting down. After I did it around 10 times, it prompted for scan disk

  • XP scan disk is no-good for AF aligned harddrive. Did it few times and proved totally futile.

  • It got even worse due to BIOS’ weird behavior, the ps2 keyboard rendered useless during OS loading. Could not log into my windows. (Yes, I could still enter windows in the beginning.)

  • After couple times harsh rebooting, the windows failed due to partition error.

What I was trying to do:

  • I had to remove my VGA card to enter bios and to boot up from optical drive. But bummer, my motherboard doesn’t have onboard VGA.

  • I could not boot from optical drive so i couldn’t install Windows 7 either.

What I did:

  • I borrowed my friend’s VGA (Daniel). Tried to plug two different VGA cards but none detected. Apparently my BIOS was half dead. After couple time re-fixing, finally it beeps normally only to show: BIOS corrupted. Luckily it is a dual-bios so it was automatically recovered with no additional sweat. The silver lining is, finally my computer realized that the bios already went cuckoo.

  • Sasuga, with this borrowed Windows, I could enter BIOS and boot from DVD rom and installed Windows 7 normally. Yay!

  • After i switched back my own VGA card, the bios returned to previous state. Grrrr…

  • Accidentally I found a tool included in the motherboard DVD driver, @BIOS, tool to update BIOS from a running windows… So I tried. And it worked like a charm, charmed maxi with wings.

  • I run the harddrive alignment tool (Acronis WD alignment tool) and discovered that something was wrong with the alignment. Two out of three partitions were in this state. It was only fixing some part of it so the aligning process only took few secs.


  • Now my PC is fully functional.

  • I am using Windows 7 64 bit and more games can be played now. Lara Croft now has beautiful hair.

  • I don’t have to buy a replacement VGA.

  • If something happens in the future, ie hdd won’t boot, all i’ll need to do is removing it and my old windows xp sp2 & 3, around 3 different installations in 3 different hdd can replace it x)

  • I can now resume my vocaloid works


  • Some of 32b applications run really slow. e.g. LFD2

  • Had to download appropriate drivers

  • Some hardwares won’t work anymore / work with limited features and I have to let them go

Lessons learned

  • Always keep stuff that came with motherboard driver dvd.

  • Keep all essential drivers and apps installation pack in harddrive. It saves a lot of time especially if you prefer reinstall from scratch to fix stuff.

  • Updating bios solves some problems

  • To remove a hdd from a system, all you need is unplug the sata cable. Or the power cable. My rig is not even covered so it’s kind of benri desu ne.

  • You need to urgently create a windows setup flashdrive – -” _____ 

  • If you’re reading this to find info about hardware above, they’re good stuff. Don’t worry about it. Just upgrade your BIOS beforehand. 

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One thought on “VGA card drives BIOS mad

  1. Hey myself in the past, thank you for documenting this so well. It just happened again..

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