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Cleaning Duplication with Excel 2010

I was merging old annual activity reports provided to the government office into one sheet. It should had been easier if those projects are annual projects too,but they’re not. It was a massive list with amendments, time extension, early termination, project renaming. I have to be careful picking the most updated and delete the obselete.

Normally I would just put auto filter and sort by title. But really, I can’t just rely on my tired eyes because I would miss too many duplications.

How to make excel tell you if there’s a duplication?

Try conditional formatting trick.

1) Prepare your data. (This is not the list I was working btw, it’s a movie list I took from somewhere…)




3. Tada!


If you highlight the whole columns, excel will keep alert you if you add another duplication below.

However it should be noted that, it works only for texts with exact spelling. To avoid further duplication, you would still need to apply sort by title / and or other detail as secondary weapon..

Good luck.

Apparently Microsoft also has a page describing this trick step by step,  


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