Somersault Justice!

…and dead end irony…

Phantom Fighter, a jiangshi game that probably you have never heard about

Chinese hopping vampire (technically it’s a zombie) aka jiangshi or kyonshi, is Chinese mythological creature that gave birth to many 90’s horror-comedy movies and tv series, and prominently referenced in pop culture across the world (e.g. shaman king, dark stalkers series, etc).

I love chinese vampire movies, and of course I’m a huge fan of the late Lam Ching Ying. Until today, no one beats his portrayal as a vampire’s ass-kicking Taoist-priest. Back then, I stayed late at night just to watch Vampire Expert aired on local TV Station. Trust me, it was big effort for me back then.

That time, I thought it would be cool if someone actually created a jiangshi-themed video game. But I really did not know that the game had actually existed, developed in 1988 Marionette Co., Ltd and published by Pony Canon and FCI.

I haven’t played this game, but I learned that this game was praised for relatively realistic movement and fighting animations – that time. Pretty cool actually. I can’t remember how kicking jiangshis can actually neutralize them but it was from 80’s. This game was even before HK jiangshi movie craze era..

I’ve been wishing that someone will develop a jiangshi game with modern-day graphic and game complexity. Hopefully not another stuff like this (lol):

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