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Hikaru Masai vs Julia

((written in english for wider audience))
((cannot write other than simple english so please bear with me))

Human brain subconsciously classifies people. It uniquely identifies details that each person may differently perceive.  We will sometimes think A resembles B, but obviously not everyone will think the same.

Human brain doesn’t store visual information the same way computer does, what we have inside mind is actually only very blurry image with bunch of metadata-alike information containing our perception. So define ‘resemble’!

I cannot provide you citation on this. It’s not a new thing though, I didn’t invent that.

By the way, all that painfully written intro is brought only for this sentence:

Don’t you think Hikaru Masai (Kalafina) sometimes looks like Julia (Av Idol)?


Hikaru Masai (Kalafina) – Stage name 歌手 Hikaru

Julia Boin

Julia (AV Idol) (aka Julia Oppai & Julia Boin, じゅぃあ(hiragana))

External link: (歌手)

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